15 years of experience

About Mauricio Flor

Mauricio Flor has been transforming people's lives since 1995 while acquiring a particular set of skills: He holds a BA in Kinesiology and certifications in Massage therapy and fitness systems to help you move, look and perform better! After moving from Ecuador, he made LA his home.
Mauricio's energy, guidance and mindset will motivate you to push to the edge of impossible, where transformation happens. Yet, having fun and being safe are his priorities.

certified BA, CPT, CES, MT. Kettlebell, Battle Rope, USB, TRX Certified. Martial Arts Practitioner
Interests and Achievements
SD, NYC, and Chicago marathons, martial arts, skydiving, SCUBA, and emergency survival skills. His motto: Move, Touch, Inspire.
Dancing and dessert!!

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