Katie Flor is an all-round great athlete and coach – with a core foundation built on her five years as a student and two years as a 1st degree black belt instructor in martial arts she learned the cornerstones of success: determination, commitment, and perseverance. Katie strives to push her clients towards their specific goals while building upon their individual strengths and closing the gap on their weaknesses. Katie’s training as a Group Fitness Instructor in Strength and Conditioning, Indoor Cycling, Barre, TRX Circuit Classes and Zumba have added an element of fun to her work outs. Because of her love of teaching and her experiences watching women struggle with exercise and body awareness, Katie decided to become a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This certification gave her the knowledge and foundation to become a world-class trainer.

Katie coaches and works with clients of all ages to feel good about themselves by assisting them in obtaining the body they want and helping them move gracefully and pain-free. She manages to challenge and coach clients in a way that is extremely individual! She has trained everyone from brides-to-be who want to lose weight for their weddings, to clients who wanted to summit Mt. Whitney in 12 weeks. On top of that, as a child, Katie struggled with her weight. It is this struggle that makes her a great partner for her clients’ healthy lifestyle goals. She is able to add nutritional advice and goals without being judgmental. Katie’s road to becoming a trainer is inspirational and she adds positive encouragement for her clients to be inspired in working towards their own fitness goals.


  • Kettle Bell Level 1
  • DVRT Level 1
  • FMS Level 1
  • Barre Instructor
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor